Trademark registration in dubai

What is Trademark ??

Doll At Trademark Sign

trademark is a symbol ,names,heading,letter,or other devices.

all company,brand or products have their own trademark.

trademark registration companies are just protect your trademarks from 3rd party usage.

trademark is on a paper,label or voucher itself.

trademark is used to prove the exclusive properties of products or services.

the usage of trademark are the owner can make advertising or publicity of their own product..others can’t do anything with the trademarked services or product without

the permission of the author or owner of the trademark work.


Trademark registration in uae

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alraqeem intellectual property company is one of the best trademark services providing company in uae.

our services are

1.trademark registration

2.3patent registration

3.copyright registration

we are doing international trademark registration.

so alraqeem is a worldwide trademark registration company in the middle east.


if you are searching for a trademark registration,patent registration or copyright law you can contact our company trademark expert and take a appointment with him/her.

alraqeem have very large and old experienced trademark registration company in the middle east. more than 34,000 trademarks are filled in alraqeem.

Expert services Best Prices, Fast & Easy Process.

Free Phone Consultation :: +971 4 321 3314 Call Today !!!

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