international trademark registration in dubai



trademark is a true sign or expression of identification of a product or symbols,names,devices,signature,text etc…

anyone have their own trademark itself.but that trademarks are different states.

may be your trademark is like a symbol or name…the main trademark types are shown below list











business trademarks

a business trademark are business logo and business name.

story,book,magazine or an article trademarks

a books trademarks are text,words,heading and names

there are kinds of trademark.

they should secure for good for the product or service.

if you are a business owner u need to register your business logo and business name in trademark registration for the security of your service.

trademarks are located on a package, a label, a voucher or on the product.

alraqeem is the best trademark registration in dubai. it’s a world wide trademark registration company.we are also provide international trademark registration around the world.germany,france,denmark,uk,usa and more other countries.

our international trademark registration services are

®international company logo registration in dubai

®international business name registration in dubai

®international brand name registration in dubai

®certificate of brand name registration

®certification of logo registration

®certification of brand name registration

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international trademark registration

international trademark registration

alraqeem is a intellectual property service providing company located in dubai.

one of the most famous company in united arab emirates.and clients are giving positive reviews for our company services.

we are very happy for the clients support.

our services are now spread widely to the international level.

our services are ::

1.trademark registration.

trademark (1)

**Local trademark

**international trademark registration

  **worldwide trademark registration

2.patent registration


3.copyright registration.

copyright-explained logo registration logo registration name registration

7.brand name registration

we are also into consulting..for the clients how to register a business name,how to register trademark,whats the benefits of trademark,patent,copyright etc…

for more details about our company or our services.

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Trademark registration services

Trademark registration services

alraqeem intellectual property company is doing trademark,patent and copyright services for the clients.

Our services are shown below.

Trademark registration

in trademark registration we are doing a lot of services.


trademark registration process


✔ brand name registration

Register your brand name safely with alraqeem company.


✔ logo registration

Logos are one of the common and important factor of a company.keep your own logo with us.


✔ business logo registration

do you have any business logo?? Then don’t waste your time.don’t give up your business logo. take a business logo registration with us


✔ company logo registration

register and protect your company logo with us.


✔ help clients to know how to register a business name

some peoples haven’t any idea about how to register a business name .here we are, alraqeem intellectual group will support you to register your business name and also you can know how to

register a business name and business logo.


✔ international brand registration

our company providing international level brand name registration.


✔ logo registration process

register your log and just know how to process this. tuch with us.


✔ worldwide trademark registration

alraqeem offering world wide trademark registration services with good supporters.


∞Patent Registration

Patent your inventions.protect your new ideas and techniques with patent registration


∞Copyrights registration

copyrights registration will help to protect the original works of the author.if you register your product nobody can use that product without your permission.

for example, your can sell your own audio CD after copyright registration. so nobody can’t  sell your CD copy.


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