affordable trademark registration

International trademark registration


peoples are always busy with running business and other types of services for income in our day today life.

but how many peoples are doing trademark,patent,copyrights registrations for the brand name,symbols,signature,letter,

heading,devices ????

how many peoples have any idea about what is trademark registration and whats the purpose of trademark registration?

if you are running your own business in a big market or city..u should register your business name and logo symbol.yet now you didn’t register your business thats meanins your business is not safe or haven’t any projection.

it may be effect your business..

how it will effect your business????

if you are not register your business name or logo that free to use others.

anyone can use your logo and business name in the world…

that’s not make your own things..

trademark your business name and logo..your business will projected from other theft,,,





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alraqeem trademark registration service providing comapany help you to trademark your business name and logo and other types of things.

our services are

1.trademark registration

2.patent registration

3.copyright registration


for more details touch with us



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